Rockchuck Hunting in the Rimrock of California

A few years ago, we headed up to NE California to do some varmint hunting. On day three of our hunt, we decided to head to a private ranch to do some rockchuck hunting in the rimrock. This is the video from that short hunt.

We used the following rifles/calibers/ammunition during this hunt:

1) Franklin Armory F17 in .17WSM, using the Winchester 20 grain VMax ammunition.

2) Ruger 77/22 in .22 K-Hornet (Connecticut Precision conversion) using 33 grain VMax reloads. (Shot by Videographer – Tom Bertone)

3) Remington R15 in .223, using COR-BON ammunition, loaded with the Barnes 36 grain Varmint Grenade.

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Eric A. Mayer – Narration and Shooter
Tom Bertone – Videographer and Shooter

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