HSM Varmint Blue 223 Ammunition – Three Minute Ammo Review

Check out some of the great results we got using the HSM Varmint Blue ammo! There are a handful of shots showing how this ammo performs on Nevada Ground Squirrels! Can you say, “Flight Time”?

This is our 3-Minute (ish) ammo review on the HSM .223 Varmint Blue ammunition. It is a 55 grain Sierra Blitzking loaded at the HSM headquarters in Stevensville, Montana, U.S.A.. We did a short range/chronograph test, then took some to Nevada for a Ground Squirrel hunt to test the ammo’s capabilities when removing pest varmints (which we feel is a preferred alternative to poison). The full review article is on our site: http://www.varminter.com/hsm-varmint-blue-223-ammunition-three-minute-ammo-review/

This time, Riley (@Shooter300 on Instagram) was doing the shooting, with CameraMan Tom handling the video work through a spotting scope.


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